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A practical product which is safe,
reliable and certified.

The CaldoQuadro system of heat radiation does not raise air temperature. It avoids the formation of moisture and maintains a healthy environment. By keeping under control the level of humidity, building maintenance is reduced to minimum. In addition the dispersion of dust, animal hair, pollen, and dust mites in the environment is also greatly lowered, and counters the risk of allergies.

Environmentally friendly heat.

CaldoQuadro is a product made with state-of-the-art material and technology. Unlike traditional gas or natural gas heating systems which pollute the environment with CO2 emissions, CaldoQuadro’s carbon footprint is close to zero.

Calore ecologico risparmio energetico

Riscaldamento casa ufficio lavoro

Designed to give you warmth in your home,
office or anywhere you are.

Easy to install without the need of brickwork or maintenance. The CaldoQuadro radiating panels can be placed in any room of your home or office in close proximity to an electrical outlet by using the accessories included. The articles currently available come in the following shapes and sizes: 93x73cm (horizontal or vertical) and 110x73cm (horizontal only). They are all finished with a wooden frame in matching or contrasting colours.

Instantly, the temperature desired is reached
in less than 2 minutes!

The heat is instantly produced from resistors that, on reaching the temperature * desired , maintain it constant and reduce fuel consumption by 10%. The sealed closure on the back of the panel optimizes efficiency by reducing heat dispersion towards the wall.

Calore immediato ambiente